To Bora Bora (with any luck)

This is our seventh day aboard Regent Mariner. Three days after we get home to Canyon Country we’ll fly to Portland, Oregon to spend Christmas with my daughter’s family. I taunted her before we left and said how jealous they’d be when we showed up with a tropical tan. The only real warm sun we’ve seen so far was in the New Zealand Islands.

I was on this ship a year ago rounding the Horn. My only disappointment this year is the lunch served in La Veranda. The choices are limited and the food, pedestrian. A few times in this voyage there will be some BBQ’s on deck. Today it was “Filipino BBQ”. We’ll have a special one at night in Moorea, unless, of course, it rains.

At dinner last night (which was good) the resident trio, Nature Rhythm, was strolling; singing and playing Mariachi music. The highlight was when they came close to our table and sang Hava Negila.

As it turned out, Michael was not up to jazz and stayed in the cabin to watch a movie while I got next to the music in a front seat. Michelle Amato is without a doubt the best jazz singer I have heard. She’s been a soloist with symphony and philharmonic orchestras. I don’t know what she sang with them, but here she is astounding. She has a CD for sale in the store which I will grab for my home collection.

Christian Tamburr and the quintet have been the highlight of this trip for me.

Tomorrow night I am going to haul Michael by the ear to the main show where Michelle will be featured.

Tonight we’ll eat at Latitudes which last year was Asian Fusion. On the schedule for tonight it says “Indian”. I hope it is just that as I love maize.

Tomorrow Bora Bora……

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