You may notice a skipped day in this blogasode. No, not the dateline, just a strange tsetse bug that suggested I sleep all day. I did.

Stepping back. Michelle Amato was in concert with the Christian Tamburr group and got a standing ovation.

This loop I was in, and so was Michael. She loved the show and I’m sure, well pretty sure, she’ll make the next jazz session.

We first came to Moorea many years ago on Princess.

There had just been a hurricane that swept the area clean. There was a brick building still standing that housed a bar where several men were huddled over a short wave radio and swigging beer. It was 9 AM. The radio was reporting the weather and the men were paying close attention. I did not.

We rented a motor scooter and took of to circle the island. About a third of the way around it began to pour. Not too much further a jeep with crew members zoomed up to us and told us to get back to the ship. Apparently the hurricane had turned around and the ship was leaving ASAP.

Leave we did, with waves building and the wind roaring.

The island is different today, with many more structures, resorts, and large pineapple farms surrounded by the high volcanic peaks.

And is there any tropical location in the world that doesn’t have a boat pulling a parachute?

Moorea is the best place in the islands to buy black pearls. The good ones are expensive, made more so by the pegging of the Polynesian Franc to the Euro.

An inexpensive black pearl will have many flaws and little brilliance.

Last night there was a BBQ on deck,

and half the ship was eating and then bopping with the music.

A group of “Mamas” demonstrated Tahitian arts and crafts.

Next the Polynesian dancers put on magnificent show.

The heat and humidity kept most people inside in the air conditioning, for some reason not in the pool.

We sailed at noon for Papeete. Then we stopped. Someone had not made the last tender and had to be picked up.

Had they actually been left behind they could have taken a ferry to Papeete. The ferry dock is right next to us.

We sail tonight for Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas.


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