Papeete and a Day at Sea

We have been to Papeete over the years and had no real interest in going into the close-by town. Everything here has to shipped in which raises the charge for, well, everything. Now factor in the conversion to the Euro and just buy what you need when you get home in Wal-Mart.

I should mention that there is a flea market about two blocks in from the port that stays open until dark.

If you are in Papeete on a weekend, the Roulettes lot will be filled with food vans serving their individual specialties. On a week night like this there a few, but nothing like the lights and action Friday through Sunday.

Dozens and dozens of food vans congregate around the outdoor performance area near the tourist center on the edge of Papeete Harbor You can find any type of food that you want. They have various types of Chinese foods, sashimi, sushi, pizza, French foods, steaks – you name it this is the least expensive place to eat in Papeete.

For a closer look at Papeete go to

Every time I go on a trip, Michael says do you have your bathing trunks. I say “yes I do”. We went up on deck to sun today and “no I didn’t”. Not my fault, she didn’t ask me this time. We went to the Boutique on board to buy trunks for me. Every pair was Nautica, and came down to the middle of my knees. No thanks homes, but now what? I am pretty sure that Niku Hiva won’t have much in the way of stores as it is fairly isolated, but I’m going to have to figure something out.

All the suites (and this is an all suite ship) have smoke alarms. From time to time, when we open our balcony door, ours goes off with a piercing screech. There’s no way to stop it except to take it out and remove the battery. Ketut, our butler, says it is the moisture of the hot outside air hitting the cold metal of the alarm. Yeah right. So we put in a new battery. Screeeeeech. I assured Michael that I would get a ship’s technician to take care of the problem.

At the Reception desk I explained my problem. The lovely lady behind the desk nodded and said, “It is the moisture of the hot outside air hitting the cold metal of the alarm. We have a lot of trouble with those alarms.”

I asked her what we could do to stop it from happening.

She said, “Don’t open the balcony door.”

The smoke alarm battery is now tucked away in a drawer.

There is a lot to do on Mariner on sea days. We don’t necessarily attend, but there is some interesting stuff. Today alone there was a lecture on “Social Life in the White House”, a slot tournament, a preview for the upcoming Art Auction, a three hole putting contest, and more.

Fish were featured in the La Veranda grill today, well at least on display. Moonfish,

Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo,

were on display, but except for shrimp and tuna salad, I found no fish to eat. But the big pan pizza was great.

Tonight the featured performer is Marty Henne pianist, singer and raconteur. He was the music director for Yip Harborg; another loop that spins without me.

It’s formal night tonight, so we are eating ensuite. Our butler will deliver the food about 7 PM.

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