At Sea for Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

The menu from the main dining room was offered to us, we made our choices, and (drum roll here) Ketut offered it with a flourish.

He is always smiling, well, almost always. He’s from Bali and has a good sense of humor.

Last night another change of time was announced.

“Please set your clocks ahead ½ hour.” Huh? On my wrist is a world time watch that has a list of cities around the world. You point the indicator at a city, press a button, and the watch moves to reflect that time on the dial. There is no way possible to make it move ahead ½ hour. And, what’s the point, we’re on a ship? Leave the time alone until we pass the next ½ hour mark. Oh, it must be the Marquesas. I’ll bet the King’s watch runs fast and thus all watches must run fast. I’ll figure it all out tomorrow.

We’ve had weather the last two days in the low 80’s and partly cloudy. Given that, the pool area is close to deserted. The small gym is never full,

and hairdressers, since last night was formal, are snip impaired.

Actually, this is the first day that I have started to feel a bit droopy. We’ve passed from one satellite footprint, and have yet to arrive in another.

Fox news is frozen on screen…..I mean how long can you stare at Geraldo. Internet is also down.

One plus about this kind of a cruise, the kind with so many days at sea, is lots of time to read. Michael finished the 7 lb Yeltzin book and is now reading Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare. Bill Bryson is one of the best wrtier around today. The Shakespeare book is exceedingly interested book. You would be amazed at the words and phrases Shakespeare introduced into our vocabulary.

I am reading Carl Hiaasen who has introduced no words or phrases into our vocabulary, but I love his stories.

Tomorrow, Nuku Hiva.


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