Princess Bows To Whale

The Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship arrived in Vancouver, Canada with a dead 70 ft. fin whale impaled on its bow. Even at 70 ft. it looks pretty tiny at the bottom of the bow.


Understandably, many people were upset, but I don’t quite get it. I mean I’m sorry the whale got bumped, but don’t we assume whales are at least a bit intelligent? And don’t whales “squeak’ at each other to talk. My friends, look at the size of this ship, don’t you think the whale should have heard it coming and either gone deep or right or left? Or are whales like the squirrels that wait patiently for your car to get really, really close, and then run across the street right in front of you?

There was a much bigger ruckus in England when the QE2 steamed into Lisbon with a whale on its bow waving “hi” to CNN. QE2 was a Cunard ship and Cunard had been having terrible luck that year. It had three ships on World Cruises, the Sagafjord, Royal Viking Sun, and the QE2. Sagafjord caught fire off Manila and ended her World Cruise. Some passengers were transferred to the QE2, some to Royal Viking Sun, and some just went home. Cunard’s phones started ringing.

Shortly thereafter the Royal Viking Sun hit a reef in the Gulf of Aqaba. All passengers (I was one of them) were flown home and Cunard’s phones were being answered in the order that calls were received.

A bit later, QE2 made it’s ignominious approach to Lisbon. Now Cunard’s circuits were overloaded. The QE2 Captain was told to hold a news conference and make things as right as possible.

The next day, in full regalia, the Captain said to cameras and microphones, “About whales, there are a lot of them out there. It’s really no more than running over a cat back home.”

Cunard no longer answered phones.


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