Grumpy Disses Regent


Regent Seven Seas Cruise line ( has 4 luxury ships. The Seven Seas Voyager (700 guests), Mariner, (700 guests), and Navigator (490 guests) and Paul Gauguin in Tahiti. I have been around the Horn on the Mariner, from New Zealand to Los Angeles on the Mariner, and from Copenhagen to Stockholm on the Voyager. My wife and I love Regent see ( ). Grumpy, however, does not.


Grumpy was on the Voyager on a 15 day cruise round trip from Copenhagen to a bunch of ports in Norway. Grumpy and his wife were upset from the moment they boarded the ship. Their cabin wasn’t ready. By the way, Voyager is all suites with balconies. Well, Grump, most ships cabins are still being made up at boarding time, but they let passengers board so you don’t have to wait in a pier side shelter.


And guess what, they serve a nice buffet. Apparently not so nice; every other plate Grumpy picked up was “filthy”. Finally, Grump and Grumpess had two clean plates, took their sausage and sat down. Time, I guess was of the essence since they left the “filthy” plates for others, and didn’t point the problem out to the Chef or Deck Officer. Which is better to gripe in print or fix the problem? The answer is, well, Grumpy. Taking coffee and hot chocolate orders, the waiter placed two cups in from of them.. Grump’s cup had a dirty inside rim. He wiped it clean with his napkin, than drank his coffee. Now dirty plates and cups are dreadful, but Grump, don’t be Bashful


….tell the waiter; get another cup. And since you are inside, tell the Maitre ‘d in charge of that dining room.

Next, oh my God, their cabin was “sweltering heat” with a note to each guest to please adjust the thermostat to their liking. Grumpy and the Mrs., according to him,  started their cruise in discomfort. Well, complaining about this in this economic climate is just Dopey.


It saves fuel not to air-condition until it’s needed. And Copenhagen in late June usually isn’t terribly uncomfortable. Doc would have opened the sliding doors.


There were complaints about other foods, like the sea scallops lived too close to the bay. At one buffet Grumpy complained that his slice of suckling pig was overcooked. That can happen.

IMG_2090And in the Prime 7 restaurant Grumpy mentioned that he had lamb chops . “But was it prime meat?” I’m guessing it was, as the new Prime 7 restaurant (top of the line steaks, seafood) demands a higher food cost than Regent has ever dedicated to a single restaurant on a per person, per meal basis.

Now, get this, there was crumb, about the size of a corn flake, on the floor of the bathroom between the shower and the toilet. It was still there when they left. TELL someone. Regent takes great pride in their cleanliness and a word to the head housekeeper would actually help them. The strange thing is Grumpy named the crumb, Lars, and even left a note to the next occupants of 867 that Lars was there. OK, I would have just tossed it, but hey, fun’s fun. I once had a garbage disposal named Ralph.

Why am I taking the time with Grumpy? Not because I saw his critique in If you are unhappy about a cruise experience, that’s a great place to vent, and he did. But subsequently I saw three columns of around 900 words each in the Metropolitan News-Enterprise, a newspaper for the Los Angeles legal community, circulation 2000, which he owns.

I guess not hearing from the defense kind of got to me. Oh, well tomorrow another blog. Right now I’m Sleepy.sleepy_flower_121906


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