Train, Boat, Five Days in Cabo (not) 2

This morning I called my wife, Michael, to ask about the fires raging and approaching our area. At the moment, all is cool, well, at 100 degrees perhaps the word should be normal. I let her know I was excited abut the possibility of some high waves in the Cabo San Lucas area because of hurricane Jimena. I’ve got this weird thing about big ships and no motion. I want to feel like I’m at sea, not at home.

Elation is a big ship, almost three football fields long with a normal capacity of 2,052 passengers. We have 2,556 on board. How does that work? Well, our total capacity is 2,606 using couches, pull down berths, the floor, an open lifeboat….So guess how many children we have on board. When I asked a crew member working on the excellent kid’s programs, she said she wasn’t sure, but it is the most she’s seen on a cruise.


The children are running all over the ship with painted faces, funny hats. Their parents are relaxed and out of this particular loop. Grandparents seem a bit more concerned, but then aren’t they always?

What struck me as slightly out of whack was the Little League Championships being watched by adults only. Little Leaguers on this boat were far too busy.


I went to the art auction billed as “The Most Exciting Event of Your Cruise”, and “your chance to fill that empty space on your wall at home.” It was called a rare inventory clearance. Depends, I guess, on what rare is, although I can guarantee they had quite an inventory. I saw the same art I’ve seen on ships for years. My wall’s empty space never looked so good.

A Park West woman stopped me from taking photos; actually standing there making me delete my shots as she watched. Luckily, I am delete impaired, and while it looked like I had succeeded, obviously I had not.

DSC02130Looks like no waves in Cabo. Captain Garuccio just announced that we are turning around. It looks like Jimena will not comfortably interact with Elation.

We’re out of here.


We are now heading to Catalina, and then Ensenada. Tomorrow we’ll be lolling at sea and saving a lot of fuel.

There are some unhappy people aboard who don’t have any interest in the coming ports. There are groups here and there discussing getting their money back, or at least doing something.


Lines formed quickly at the main desk.


One woman canceled her gratuities getting at least $50 per person off her account.

This is not the fault of Carnival, and all passengers were presented with contract terms before buying a ticket. Very few ever read them. I did feel particularly sorry for the man who lives in Catalina. At least he’ll know a good restaurant in town. I’m guessing that tonight Cruise Director Steve will not be asking if everyone is happy.

So what to do now? Well, there’s Bingo.


I usually avoid cruise ship shows. Actually I do go, but sit in the back so I can escape quickly and unnoticed. The show was at 8:45 PM. By 8:30 the Mikado was full. I saw one seat open… the front row. Oh well. Not to worry, this was one of the best shows I’ve seen. The choreography was not the usual frantic arms and legs and head snaps, seemingly put together by a meth addict, but dancing that made sense. The performers lip synched to voices recorded in Los Angeles. It was weird in the front row to have some of them come down next to me moving their mouths with no sound coming out.

The two stars had the mics and the voices. Julie Hughes was outstanding. Staging was captivating, but didn’t overshadow. As the curtain closed on the bows, they got a standing ovation. Unfortunately, as I looked back from my perch, I was the only one standing and ovating.

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