Train, Boat, Five Days in Cabo (not) Day 3

Another day at sea, and we are slowly making our way towards Catalina. Although I am sad we are missing Cabo San Lucas, now that the satellite photos are posted, most understand that Cabo would not have been much fun.

DSC02144Some years ago I flew my Cessna 172 to Catalina’s awkward airstrip just to eat the great buffalo burgers at the airport café. They were as juicy and flavorful as any burger I had ever tasted; worth the trip for sure.

As far as the “awkward” airport, the approach was towards a cliff front that had an updraft. The strip itself had a hump in the middle, so upon touching down (or taking off) it looked a great deal shorter than it was. Misjudgment, going or coming, had built up visible wreckage just off the actual end of the runway.

So for me Catalina will be my buffalo burger stop, but for now, what to do? I have to admit I was seduced by the Spa pitch “Time for Men”. A 55 minute facial, plus double close shave, and face, scalp, and hand massage for $95 pulled me in. particularly as I had a 4 day growth of beard, that while it looked hip, guaranteed my moneys worth.

My “shavette”, Aneeqah, was from Cape Town, South Africa, and queen of the hot towels.


During the process, all tension slipped away, except the constant fear of falling asleep and snoring.


At dinner, neither Natalie nor David


noticed my beard had disappeared. It reminded me of a French movie where a man had a bushy black mustache. He agonized for some time, then shaved it off. He was consumed with what people would think. No one, including his wife and his coworkers, noticed. This drove him to the point of suicide. As I am not French, I am not suicidal, but it does bring up the point that ones ego pays more attention to self than actual people do. Perhaps some part of visualization is habitual. Is there a lesson to be learned here? I hope not.

Talking about visualization, the Elation Atrium has two glass elevators that travel from Empress deck to the Sports deck, some 5 floors. The view from these elevators is charming. After all, that’s what glass elevators are about. I have upped and downed these transparent boxes several times a day, and no one looks out. As in commonplace lifts, all face toward the doors and the floor indicators. Finally I told some kids to turn around.

“Wow, look at that.”

This is a casual ship. There are dress codes for dinner, but they are very relaxed. Even so, some can’t rise to the low standards. “Casual” allows jeans, dress shorts, collared shirts. Not allowed; sleeveless shirts for men. Still and all, I did not confront the guy in the wife beater T-shirt with the tattoos.


Nor did anyone else.

Men are asked to wear a shirt in the Lido at lunch. Uh huh.

DSC02096Sushi from 5 to 8:15 PM is free and wear whatever.

The pool is the main gathering spot. I like statistics, and will share this one with you. 60% of women wearing bikini swim suits, should not. But, the other 40% more than make up for it.

DSC02117The slide is always busy, and what goes up, must come down.


Once again dinner was excellent. The Chef understands veggie dishes and since I have had my fill of chicken in any manner, and don’t eat red meat, (buffalo burgers don’t count), I find my eyes sliding down the menu to the Vegetarian section.


The service is prompt and friendly. As a matter of fact, all the crew is friendly, smiling, and “how are you today” flys around the decks.

Other things also fly. In California at the outdoor cafes we have tiny starlings grabbing at crumbs. But Carnival does things in a big way.


I wanted to go to the show. Because of our change in plans, the show nights are back to back. Apparently, we all wanted to go. An hour before curtain the theater was filling up.


I loved the previous presentation, but, even though seating is arranged for waiting, (booth type chairs and tables; lots of waiters with trays of drinks), I didn’t want to hang around waiting for this one to happen.

To the cabin and a laugh at Larry King asking a woman who had come from the grocery store, got into her car, and been jacked by a man who made her drive to a deserted area. He then put handcuffs on her.

Larry’s question? “What happened to the food?”

At the main bar is a sign that says, “Anecdotes are 17% funnier with a drink.”

For me, when it comes to Larry, this doesn’t work.

Catalina tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “Train, Boat, Five Days in Cabo (not) Day 3”

  1. Natalie Lewis Says:

    Hi Geoff!

    I did notice something different about you that night…. When I was little, my dad accidentally had to shave his beard and mustache due to a razor mishap…. so I never know when to comment for fear that I might comment wrong. I think the clean shaven look is best for men 🙂 Very handsome on you if you ask me 🙂


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