Train, Boat, Five Days in Cabo (not) Last Day

“Do you want a girl?” That question (offer?) was posed to me awhile back as I waited on a corner in Ensenada for the traffic light to change.

“Sorry, not interested.”

“They are very pretty.”

“Sorry, not interested.”

The profferer, well pimp, but he seemed more profferish than pimpish, looked me up and down, made a mental calculation and said,

“I have some who are 40.”

Now some years later, I am again in Ensenada, but I’m not going into town. Those girls will be around 50 now, and I might be tempted.

Carnival must come here at least twice a week; other cruise ships make it their obligatory foreign port when cruising to Hawaii. It’s amazing what the cruise lines have done for the Ensenada economy.


Prices for silver are the best attraction, but you have to be an expert to negotiate much below the price proffered. (There’s that word again.) Nevertheless, passengers are returning to Elation with full packages. I wonder, now that Mexico has lightened its restrictions on drugs, if the DEA will be more present than usual when we port in San Diego.

Carnival’s short cruises out of Long Beach and San Diego are a perfect way to get away for a few days and reboot. The prices are less than you might expect and the ships in all ways are above what you imagine on a mass cruise line. and, yes, they are still the “fun” ships. Something is happening every minute, from game shows to Blackjack tournaments; even a class in how to make towel animals. There’s basketball, golf lessons, and my favorite, miniature golf. DSC02197

The food, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is first-rate and on the Lido, tables are cleaned quickly. The free pizza is thin crust and flavorful, especially with a sprinkle of ground red pepper.

Our table service in the Inspiration dining room was flawless.

There’s even entertainment at dinner. The waiters dance and sing, and twice a close-up magician, Andyea from Croatia, performed at our table. He did things that blew us away…and like only inches from our eyes. I can only say it must have been magic.


Beyond doubt, say a good time was had by all. DSC02198

Goodbye to Elation,

DSC02182hello to reality. Tonight I pack, and tomorrow morning I leave at 10:50 AM on AmTrak for the return trip to Canyon Country. I arrive at the Via Princesa station at 2:55 PM. My own Princesa will be waiting.


One Response to “Train, Boat, Five Days in Cabo (not) Last Day”

  1. Shelby T Mitchell Says:

    Heard you on Shokus. As I always look forward to hearing you there. Loved your crank calls. Wished radio was like that these days. Congrats on the upcoming Game Show Congress award. Wished I could be there in person but live so far away. Take care and best wishes!

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