Dream at Sea to NYC

There’s a lot happening on Dream today.

The show band musician’s held an hour jam session in the Ocean Plaza that was a nice surprise. There are some very good players in the group. The trumpet player is so inventive it’s scary. It’s hard to believe he’s on a ship and not wailing at a NY club.


There are now seven people at our dinner table. Tonight, the first seated greeted each new arrival with “It’s show time!” (The servers put on a song and dance this “Elegant” night.) The second to take his seat said, “I had three martinis.”

It went something like this:

“It’s show time”, “I had three martinis.”

“It’s show time”, “I had three martinis.”

“It’s show time”, “I had three martinis.”

“It’s show time”, “I had three martinis.”

“It’s show time”, “I had three martinis.”

Finally, all seven were seated.

The real show, “Extreme Country,” was at 8:45 PM in the Encore Theater. The place was full by 8:15.


Well not quite full; lots of seats were saved. Dream kindly requests that seats not be saved. Yeah, right. The ones that really got to me were the people who used part of their cabin gear to save up to seven seats.


Maybe my attitude was wrong. People loved the show, but for me, it did not live up to the usual Carnival presentation. I just don’t care much for choreography that has no rhyme or reason. Just a bunch of waving, head snapping, and nerve-racking splits.

Next, comedy. I went to Family Comedy with Tommy Drake as the headliner. Very funny, and a terrific hour performance; all clean material with kids laughing along with their parents. The comics on Dream have been remarkable.

The only problem I had was with the MC. As the audience burst into a thunderous ovation at the end of Tommy’s act, he said, “Let’s hear it one more time for Tommy Drake!”

This plea came in the middle of our applause. So what to do now?

Do we clap all over again after we are finished applauding??

Next, a wrap up of Carnival Dream.


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