Dream Freeport

I finally figured out why I am so intent on going down this slide. Yes, it’s the largest at sea, but that is not reason enough. I think it was the guy in Nassau who said, “Do you want a horse carriage ride…….daddy?”

So here it is:

From the top.


From inside!

For some reason my video won’t load. it is a full trip down from the inside.

I stopped by Wasabi for some pre-dinner sushi. Don’t expect an actual sushi bar. There are three choices only, and the three are served to you without you requesting a choice. The spicy tuna was the best of the three, but none were tempting enough to warrant another visit.

The casino opened after we left port. I had three quarters left from my laundry money, and so decided to play the 25 cent machine. That, it seems, is not possible. There are no places to put the money in. You can use your “Sail and Sign” card and charge the amount you play. You can put in dollar bills but that means you will play at least 4 quarters. Three quarters was my limit. I still have them. DSC02369

I miss the clank of money going in and, more importantly, coming out. The money won gets credited, but does not come pouring out into the tray. There is no tray.

Tomorrow at sea and tons to do. Whee


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