Crystal Symphony 2010 Puerto Vallarta

For years Puerto Vallarta was a sleepy little village, and grew at an easy pace. Then John Huston showed up with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The growth then reminded me of the way I like eggs; over easy. Now it reminds me of Miami.

Condos are popping up fertilized by Taylor and Burton, who, while they are no longer here, started it all. One of my favorite stories about the two stars is about the home they had (now a simple museum) on one side of the street and the home on the other side which was mostly converted into pool. Burton put up a high wall to keep prying paparazzi at bay. BUT, they had to cross the street to get that swim. Cameras ready 24 hours a day, the Canon creeps kept clicking away. What to do??

Mildly inebriated, but with tons of pesos, Richard built a bridge over the street. Now, no photos unless from a helicopter.

It’s a treat to look out at the lovely and gracefully ageing city.

Oops, wrong side of the ship.

Oops that side doesn’t work either.

And more going up…manana.

The only place now left with a fading shadow of the way “lo estaba”, is old town in the northern section. It’s worth the cab ride.

We are now heading back to Los Angeles

with monster storms awaiting us. Those who now join Symphony for her 14 day roundtrip to Hawaii can put their umbrellas away.

Ahead of Christmas Eve, I have to plug up my chimney. Afraid of rain? Nope, it’s so this dude doesn’t slide down.



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