2nd and 3rd Days at Sea


Regent Last night we ate in Compass Rose which had been set up as a cozier dinner club.


We were seated at a table for two a good ways from the band. On our left was a table for four, another table for two was to the right. Michael figured we should move our table closer to the table for four as she figured they would be talking to each other, while the table for two would be more apt to talk to or listen to us.

We slid our table about five inches closer to the empty four seats. They were soon filled and one man dominated the conversation. Apparently he had picked up a strange disease while traveling. From salad through dessert he told about his experience. His swollen liver and spleen arrived about the time my crepes and Michael’s tuna were served.

By our dessert, he told about his relapse. It was hard for us to suppress our giggles and eat. Oh, the table for two stayed empty.

This morning lightening and thunder crashed around us. As the day progressed the storm dissolved into a steady downpour.


The ship held a White Elephant auction with items donated by both the crew and passengers.


The Captain joined in


and bids on some items went as high as $100 with most going for under $50.

Ray Solaire, our Cruise Director moved things along quickly and actually sold a shirt off the Captain’s back.


All proceeds went to the Crew Welfare Fund.

What to do on a rainy day at sea?




Or this,


Maybe this,


Or this,


But, I hope not this.


My mouse died. This is the second time I’ve written this blog. When the mouse died it took everything with it.

We don’t actually get a weather report which drives me nuts, but we are hoping for sun tomorrow.


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