Equator Crossing Day 1 at sea

We crossed the equator on a sunny warm day with smooth seas.

As we passed into the Northern Hemisphere, there was a happening on the pool deck that would start promptly at 2 PM as signaled by a long blast on the ship’s whistle.

Michael and I wanted to get there a bit before so we could get some photos before the activities started. We have three glass elevators that stop on our 10th floor. The middle elevator arrived, doors opened and we stepped in to join four other people, all going up to the 11th floor. We were headed to the 12th floor to shoot our first shots from the jogging track.

The elevator doors closed, shook as if it were a dog shaking off water, and we started down…….very slowly. We stopped at floor 9, but couldn’t get the doors to open. Pause, shake, down another floor. By the time we got to the 7th floor, we called on the elevator phone for help.

“Right away, sir”.

A few more shakes and we were on floor 5. An official walked by and we all tried to mime that we were trapped. The official laughed at our silent, to her, body movements. At 3, the bottom floor, one more shake, and the doors opened.


We quickly got out and warned the folks waiting for the elevator that it was not working. But of course, it now was. Below is just a depiction, as no one else would get on with me.


At exactly 2 PM the whistle blew and King Neptune emerged from the depths


and declared that to celebrate the occasion he was hosting a Country Fair.

Every passenger was given $15 of Neptune’s Fair money. It was a dollar a go and the idea was to win as much money as possible in 45 minutes. Every time you got $20 you exchanged it for a raffle ticket for the grand draw.

The booths were a hoot. One had you guess your weight against cases of beer. The players would guess how many cases of beer would equal their weight. That amount of cases would be put on a platform. Next, a seat on a swing type seat attached to the platform. If they balanced…we have a winner. Another booth had Black Jack. Had it been real I’d be writing this on a new computer. But the favorites involved water


or ice cream and a bit of aim.


The ice cream throwers almost never missed.


Everyone had a great time, the housekeepers were laughing enough to produce tears. Or perhaps the tears were from being in the sun which they rarely see.

We had dinner ensuite, enjoyed a movie and called it an equatorial evening.


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