Regent Mariner 4th and 5th and Last Day at Sea

Tuesday night finished as Tuesday morning began; we sailed through the middle of a storm with lightening on either side of the ship. The booms came a second after the flashes. The water was another matter. When Mariner listed, water came through the doors on Deck 12.


We ate in La Veranda where the starboard side is converted each night to a table set restaurant. The appetizers


and salads


are buffet, but the main dishes and wine are served by attentive waiters. Desserts are up to you.

It is a semi casual setting and watching the lightening through the large windows made the meal a special treat.

Yesterday, we saw the ship turn inside out to keep passengers entertained, as clouds and wind kept all from the outside deck. At 4:15 four actors presented a play about producing a 4 act play. The theater was almost full of passengers to see “The Last Tango in Little Grimley”.


Programs were given to all, including, besides a list of cast members, faux “Grimley” advertising.

At 9:45 the main show “Ballroom Bravo” filled the house.

Thursday, more good stuff. Lunch at the pool deck grill was “Wok”.


Just pick out what you want and the chefs will stir fry it.



Each day the grill has a different theme with chef’s preparing the food. Hamburgers and every kind of condiment are also available.


Never mind that the ship’s store has sold out of Rolaids, we think the food is getting better and better.

I attended the afternoon “Flambe Tea”. They were in the midst of a Trivia Game with teams.


Nothing was “Flambeing”


and little of the food was being chewed.


Tonight is formal and the Captain’s pre dinner farewell cocktail party including “Krew Kapers”. The theater was packed and the performing crew got a standing ovation.


After that a farewell dinner, including (I peeked) caviar. The entire dining room was candle lit and quite lovely. Caviar was good, main dishes excellent, and service as good as it gets.

Just a note about service; a female Sommelier was alone by the elevators and sneezed an itty bitty feminine sneeze.

I said, “Bless you!”

She quickly removed the tissue from her nose and said, “How may I help you sir?”


The mouse that stopped roaring a few days ago is now working. I applied a technique that I’ve used on TV sets, DVD players, and digital clocks. I hit it repeatedly with my fist. It now works.

I rode the elevator that trapped us the other day. It groaned on the way down. On the way back up it rumpled, groaned and bumped. I tried to cure it what my fist, but the only result was people thought I was trying to get out.

Even though tips are included in the fare, we will be sure to give him an extra reward for his attentive service. We’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of butlers on other cruises, but no one like Ketut.

Tomorrow at 10 AM we dock at San Pedro. We leave Mariner after a lovely voyage and join the 6 Grandchildren.


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