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I’m Just Saying

July 24, 2012

Political musings of no importance.

Romney used a teleprompter speaking to the VFW. Is there no one on his staff or close to him to teach him how to do a teleprompter speech? Look right at prompter; talk. Pick up a phrase and deliver it straight ahead to the camera as you go to the left to pick up another sentence. Without the straight ahead eyes to the camera position, we at home never get to feel you are also talking to us. Obama had the same problem.

Speaking of Obama, did you see his press conference after visiting the families and friends of those killed in the Batman slaughter? He spoke of one girl that was hit by a bullet in a neck VEIN. The blood was spurting according to the President. Ahem, I’m not a Dr., but it’s the arteries that spurt.

I’m just saying.